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I enjoy men. I enjoy having them at my feet, adoring me, sacrificing their bodies and their dignity to satisfy me. I believe a Domination/submission relationship should be based on trust, fairness, mutual respect and affection. And because these are earned over time, I prefer to enter into domination scenes only with slaves with whom I have a long lasting relationship. I seek to have at most 4-5 simultaneous D/s relationships because I want to have the time to educate each slave as I desire. I enjoy taking part in S&M/Fetish parties and multiple domination scenes.

The slave I accept at my feet must be willing to satisfy me erotically, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. I am not one who believes that the only satisfaction of the slave should be the happiness of the Mistress, solely that it must outrank all others. After the Mistress’ pleasures have been properly satisfied, the slave may expect a reward. I find no pleasure in being cruel but I do believe in the “physical” sacrifice of the slave; in forcing his physical limits to prove his obedience to me. I am strict without being sadistic and tough with being mean. I enjoy being spoiled and pampered, keeping my slave under my feet for hours and hours, asking him to adore parts of my sensual body. I love to excite using my sensuality, to stir up passions and desires, without ever fully fulfilling them.

I expect to be contacted only by slaves who can meet my demands, as I’ve laid them out above, slaves who can appreciate my femininity and who realize that power lies not in brute strength but in the power to transform a man into my own personal toy.

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